Sturgis Brown High School Study Skills Program

Mr. Justin Conroy


                                      Welcome to Sturgis Brown High School's Study Skills web page. This site is designed to assist students in becoming a successful student during their high school experience.

The intention of this class is to assist students with their academic studies. This will be accomplished through the instruction of a variety of study skill techniques.  In addition to study skills, I will assist students with their class assignments, test preparation, project assignments and other requirements as they are assigned.  The majority of the time will be devoted to students working on their assignments.

A vital component to help assist students with their studies is an assignment book which is provided for the student.  The students are required to record their assignments and the necessary information for completion of their assignments.  Another essential component is the progress report, which will be due approximately every two weeks.  The student is responsible for giving the form to each individual teacher and the instructor will generally report a grade and missing assignments if any and perhaps some additional comments.  This is a very important tool in monitoring progress of the student as well as a critical element for their study skills grade.


Students will receive a credit and letter grade per semester.  This is obtained by completing the following:


1.      Completion of progress reports (approximately every two weeks).

2.      Daily tracking of assignments through the use of the assignment book

3.      Using class time efficiently

4.      Participation in the instruction of study skills


This class is designed similar to a study hall; I emphasize the word study.  I expect students to respect other students so they can complete their tasks with minimal distractions.